Post Lock-down 1.0 : A Brave Step out with caution

Life at standstill is what we have experienced so far. But there will be opening of shops, an hour of roadside fitness, friends catching up together, restaurants opening for taking away meals. Everything will not be the same as it used to be. There will be masks all around, sanitation going all the time. Accept it this is a new reality and we cannot run away, so be prepared and make your mind practice these things.

Now that we are home doesn't mean it will be the same for the coming months/years. Someday we will have to step out and face it all. Remember those front-line workers, doctors who are there fighting for us, keep yourself in their boots and imagine how tough they are from inside. We all have to be brave and take care of ourselves while doing our duties as we use to do. We have to bring that quality in each one of us which the soldiers have when they step out of there homes to save our motherland. Reopening of activities be it industrial, private sector or shops have rapidly shown an upward trend in cases. Today I was going through one statistics shared by a professor on LinkedIn which had almost the exact numbers which were recorded midnight the day before made me realize that this situation is here to stay.

There are a few things we have to take care of in the initial phase once the lock-down lifts, we have to keep patience and do not rush at things we have been avoiding the past few months. Why am I saying this is because as humans we tend to get attracted to things which he has been forced to not do. Please avoid rushing to public places like Shopping malls if they are open, barbershops, crowding the vegetable markets, not following social distancing at grocery shops, or in offices.

I am not an economic expert but in this situation where the whole world is/was in lock-down has brought economic distress in every economy regardless of the size. And the news of layoffs is not new, we have to face this even if you are very optimistic this is the truth.

But, there is a lot to take away from this pandemic. It has brought families closer, taught us humanity is immortal, brotherhood is the future ahead and most importantly wealth is not which keeps you healthy because when the time comes it is all over. It is the practical case study of any religious teaching which we have heard or read. No one was taking it seriously, so a lesson is learned let's move ahead and start giving more to nature and mankind other than hatred and violence.

Being the first blog of our community we at p2w welcome you all and hope you all are safe and following all necessary measures to control the spread.

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe!!

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